Don’t Let Summer Vacation Steal Your Smile! [BLOG]

Coordinating a family vacation requires a lot of planning, but it’s a fun, exciting type of planning!
You have your packing list, shopping trips for last minute items, and loose ends to tie up on the home front while you’re away.
You should be completely relaxed while on vacation. If you’re stressed about something at home that you forgot to take care of before you left, you’re going to be too worried to enjoy all the new sights and experiences with the people you love.
That’s why you should add oral care to the pre-vacation to-do list. Just like with anything else, squaring away necessary dental issues that may need your attention before you leave is one of the ways you’ll be able to focus on quality time with your family, free from distractions.
Our team at Mountain View Dental wants to help you do that! Today’s blog offers some tips for how you can plan ahead to make sure that your summer vacation doesn’t come between you and a healthy smile.
Now, let’s get cracking so you can get packing!

Be Prepared For Possible Dental Emergencies

We don’t often think about planning ahead for emergencies simply because we know exactly where to go when they happen. Most people on vacation can find a nearby hospital no matter where they are in the world. Certainly, this doesn’t apply for thrill seekers and explorers who prefer more remote getaways, but for the most part, you can find an emergency room somewhere in the vicinity when you’re away from home.
The same can’t be said, unfortunately, for dental emergencies. Not every dentist is as awesome as our own Dr. Reese and Dr. Smith, who are here when you need them in a dental emergency! But in all seriousness, not every dental practice offers emergency services, so do a little online research of the area before your trip.
Be sure to write down names, phone numbers, and websites to take with you if you or someone in your family needs emergency dental care!

Schedule Any Dental Work You Need Around Vacation

Obviously, any time you need to have dental work done, you want to give yourself adequate time for healing and for any potential follow-up appointments. Particularly, while you’re on vacation, you want to be completely free to enjoy delicious and interesting new foods you haven’t tried before. You want to be able to chew on a nice, juicy steak without being in pain. And you want to eat without having to worry about that cavity you didn’t get filled or worrying about your temporary crown breaking or coming loose!
So plan your dental procedures well in advance of your vacation. Giving yourself several weeks to heal properly and to have time to follow-up with your dentist should complications arise will help clear your mouth for some yummy vacation indulgences!

Schedule A Routine Dental Checkup Before Your Trip

This tip kind of goes along with the idea we just talked about. Even if you don’t currently have any dental problems that need to be taken care of, a routine dental cleaning and exam with one of our skilled hygienists and dentists at Mountain View Dental will help you avoid problems while you’re on vacation.
When you receive a thorough examination from Dr. Reese or Dr. Smith, they will address any problems they may find. So if, for example, your exam reveals a cavity, at least you’ll know ahead of time to get that filling scheduled before your trip. Or say you have a very mild toothache in the weeks leading up to your vacation. You should never ignore a toothache, regardless, but it’s better to get that checked out just in case it’s an indication that you need a root canal. If you don’t address the problem, it could be far worse by the time you leave for your trip, and you’ll be miserable the entire time!

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We hope that your vacation gives you the much needed rest and relaxation you deserve. To help your trip be fun and worry-free, let us make sure you and your family all have healthy teeth and gums before you go.
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