I’m Having A Hard Time Chewing

Are you having a hard time chewing the foods you love? Do you have missing teeth that are making you self-conscious? Consider dental implants. Our team offers a variety of dental implant options that we can use to fit your specific needs no matter what your situation is. Let’s talk about these options and how they can help you! For more in-depth information on dental implants and the types we offer, please visit our individual service page on dental implants.

Dental Implants 101

Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots that are surgically placed into the gum by Dr. Smith and allowed to fuse with your jawbone. This creates a sturdy foundation for any type of restoration necessary (typically a single crown or denture of some type). Once the implant site has healed and your restoration is placed, you will be able to go about your normal life as if you had never lost a tooth at all! This treatment can help you get through that hard time chewing and finally enjoy the food you love.

The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a few different benefits as opposed to other tooth replacement options. Dental implants are:

Natural Looking – We craft all of our restorations (including the ones we use with dental implants) to look natural in your mouth. And because tooth implants are secured to your gums at the base, they look even more natural than our other restorations!

Strong – Did you know that dental implants restore almost 100 percent of your natural chewing power? Eat the foods you love once more without worry, pain, or embarrassment.

Secure – They will not move around in your mouth like removable dentures! Dental implants are secure and completely functional.

Long Lasting – Dental implants are designed to last for decades when properly maintained. They can even last for the rest of your life! Chances are, tooth implants will be the only tooth replacement solution you will ever need.

Healthy – Dental implants are easy to clean and discourage jawbone deterioration.

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Are you ready to get the authentic, reliable tooth replacement option you deserve? Feel great about your smile despite your missing teeth! Replace what you have lost with dental implants. You will look great and feel confident … we promise!

If you are one of those people who are having a hard time chewing their foods due to missing tooth or dental pain, please contact our team directly to schedule an appointment. You can reach us by calling 770-429-8989 or by sending us a message using our online contact form. Regardless of which method of contact you choose, we can help you find a date and time that is convenient for you. We look forward to working with you!