4 Ways Dental Crowns Save Your Smile [BLOG]

Your teeth were wonderfully built to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear. Since your adult teeth came in, you’ve relied on them every single day to chew your food. Along with that responsibility, your teeth will bear grinding against each other, crunching on hard ice, and maybe even blunt injury from time to time.
It’s a big job! While your teeth are made to handle it, that doesn’t mean they’re immune to damage. Teeth can be worn down, chipped, cracked, broken, and even knocked out. Fortunately, dental crowns can step in to bear some of the burden placed on your teeth throughout your lifetime.
Thanks to restorative dentistry at Mountain View Dental, we can use dental crowns to restore teeth in several ways. We like to consider crowns the unsung heros of dentistry, and today’s blog is our way of singing their praises by letting you know more about how they can save your smile!

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is colored and shaped just like a natural tooth and is used to cover up, protect, and strengthen a tooth that’s been damaged in some way. It can bring your smile back effectively to its original glory by making it look natural, healthy, and attractive again.

4 Ways Dental Crowns Save Your Smile

A Dental Crown Can Repair A Damaged Tooth
Your teeth can be damaged by such things as injury, decay, and infection. This can affect your tooth’s color and shape. It might be a chip, crack, or discoloration that takes your smile from white and healthy to flawed and dingy.
Dental crowns are a great way to restore the look and function to a damaged and discolored tooth by covering up the flaws and protecting the tooth from future problems.
A Dental Crown Can Treat A Large Cavity
In most cases, a standard dental filling is used to treat cavities. It works nicely by filling up the hole after it’s been cleaned of decay and bacteria. Problem solved!
But, there are times when a cavity is just too large for a filling to work. That’s because a filling has to bond to your remaining healthy enamel in order to stay put, and if there isn’t enough healthy enamel to do that, you’re going to need a dental crown.
The crown will cover the large cavity and make your smile healthy again.
A Dental Crown Can Replace A Knocked Out Tooth
When you’re a kid, losing a tooth is a big deal! You not only get a visit from the Tooth Fairy, but you’re one step closer to being “big.” When you’re adult, though, losing a tooth is not so fun and exciting.
If you lose a tooth because of an accident, or if a tooth has been so ravaged by decay that it can’t be saved, a dental crown is a great replacement solution. It’s custom-made to replace your missing tooth in a way that looks and functions naturally, and then it’s firmly anchored on both sides by a dental bridge.
A Dental Crown Can Protect Your Tooth After A Root Canal
When a tooth becomes infected by harmful bacteria, we can once again rely on the trusty dental crown to save your smile.
Infected pulp inside your tooth can cause pretty intense pain. This will require a root canal to clean the infection out and get you out of pain. After the root canal procedure, we would use a dental crown to cover the tooth and protect it from bacteria getting in there in the future.
When it’s all over, you have a healthy tooth that’s stronger than it was before!

Trust Your Restorations To Our Team In Acworth, GA

If you’re in need of restorative dentistry to save your smile, you should trust a dental office with skilled professionals and advanced technology. You can find that at Mountain View Dental!
We can help you find the right solution for your dental problem so you can get out of pain, chew the foods you love with ease, and give you back a healthy, beautiful smile.
If you think you might need a dental crown to save your smile, call Mountain View Dental today at (770) 429-8989 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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