Your first visit at Mountain View Dental will likely be different from what you have experienced in other dental offices. Upon arrival, a team member will welcome you and assist you with any forms that need to be completed. We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior your appointment time to fill out all new patient information. It is also helpful to bring a list of any medications that you are currently taking.

Then, Dr. Reese or Dr. Smith will meet with you in a private consultation room. We will review your health history, discuss the reasons for your visit, and address any concerns you may have regarding your oral health and dental treatment. The doctor will explain the philosophy of our practice and what to expect during your first visit. A team member will then escort you to a treatment room and appropriate X-rays will be taken.

The doctor will then return and do a thorough examination that includes screening for decay, gum disease, TMJ disorders, oral cancer, and more. After all the data is gathered, the doctor will discuss a variety of things:

  • What problems or areas of concern were found.
  • What caused these problems and how we can prevent future problems.
  • Which choices are available for treatment.
  • When your next appointment will be.

The doctor will routinely spend 30-45 minutes with you and will happily answer any questions you have. This approach differs from what most patients are accustomed to, and most of our new patients will comment to a team member, “Wow, I’ve never had an exam as thorough as that!” or “I’ve never had a dentist spend that much time with me – I really appreciate it.”
At Mountain View Dental, we stress 5-Star service and education. Education leads to prevention and prevention results in saving you money. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you. We will do our best to give you a reason to smile!