Why Choose Mountain View Dental

At Mountain View Dental, we love helping patients achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles that they can feel proud of! We do this by offering the highest quality of care possible. Our team works hard to make our patients feel happy and satisfied with their experience … and our patients love us for it. We even have some patients who have been with us since we opened our practice in 1986! We loved serving the residents of Acworth, Kennesaw, Marietta, and Woodstock. Three reasons our patients love coming back to our office time and time again are:

Reason #1 – We care about your comfort.

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We always have your comfort in mind! We offer private operatories, longer appointment times, warm blankets, soft pillows, and headphones with music to make sure you are at ease during treatment. We offer multiple levels of sedation dentistry for anxious patients. Regardless of your situation, we can help you feel completely at home while in our care.

Reason #2 – We offer individual care based on your specific needs.

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Worried about getting another cookie-cutter dental clinic experience? You will never have to worry about that here! Our team works hard to offer dental care that is individualized to meet your specific needs — none of those one-size-fits-all solutions you will find at some other dental offices. We’ll never force you into a treatment or oversell a procedure that you don’t want. We are here to assist in your total health and well-being.

Reason #3 – To get top-notch results, we use top-notch technology!

Our staff is trained to use a variety of high-tech equipment to diagnose and treat many different dental problems. For example, we use digital X-rays, panoramic imaging technology, VELscope oral cancer assessment system, and laser gum disease therapy. Talk to our team to learn more about how these technologies help you get optimum dental care.

Reason #4 – Education is important to us!

If you research the origins of the word “doctor”, it means “teacher.” At MVD, we think this is one of the concepts that distinguishes us from most other dental offices. Most dentists have similar training and should be able to diagnose and “fix” the problems, but we see patients who have not had that experience. Dr. Smith is certified with International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the largest dental implant training organization in the world. Dentists who are affiliated with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists have advanced training in a variety of dental implant cases and access to a network of world-class clinicians.

When Dr. Smith or Dr. Reese welcomes a new patient into our practice, they are not only concerned with an accurate diagnosis and providing the best possible treatment for you, but they want the treatment to be successful and last a long time! That means not only diagnosing the dental problems and determining the best treatment, but also determining the CAUSE of the problems.

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Do those reasons sound appealing to you? Are you ready to schedule an appointment? To book your visit to our Acworth, GA dental office, please contact our team directly. We can be reached by dialing 770-429-8989 or by using our online contact form to send us an email message. Either way, we will be delighted to help you find a suitable date and time for your appointment.

Excellent dental care is just a phone call away. We look forward to meeting you!