Changing the Scenery of General Dentistry

A Trip to the Dentist Office: Take 1!
If you’re like most people, your next dental appointment hovers over you like a dark cloud of doom. But your health is important to you. So you go. And it looks a bit like this….
You walk in. Mmmm….smells like disinfectant. You sign in and have a seat. A hard, uninviting seat no more comfortable than a folding chair. The atmosphere is cold and clinical.
You consider for just a second taking advantage of the complimentary coffee. Yes, maybe that’ll warm the soul. But upon closer inspection, you notice an odd sludge floating on the coffee’s surface, and your better judgment prevails.
You’re pretty sure you’ve seen the same wallpaper design before in a hotel room while on a family vacation circa 1986. You laugh to yourself as the memories of that trip parade through your mind, and you just feel so—
Whoa! What is that sound?! A drill or a chainsaw? Are they filming a horror movie back there somewhere?!
A hygienist enters the waiting room, saving you from diving head first into the next cult classic in B horror films, Deadly Dentist, playing out in your mind. She calls your name. Well…she calls a name. Since it’s close enough to your actual name, and you’re the only one in the waiting room, you know she meant you.
The rest of your visit is a blur of horrible sounds, sensations, and an inaudible dentist who never bothers to remove his surgical mask as he lists the life-threatening teeth problems that shall befall you…..IF you don’t schedule the four procedures he recommends.
You know what you need? A change of scenery.
And you can find it at Mountain View Dental in Acworth, GA.
A Trip to the Dentist Office: Take 2!
You arrive at Mountain View Dental, and you’re greeted by our warm, friendly staff. The waiting room looks more like the lounge area of a cozy mountain lodge, complete with comfy chairs and a stone fireplace. You could get used to this!
You decide to thumb through a magazine, but you’re immediately distracted by the gorgeous view through the windows. Wait….are those….bird feeders? Hmm…cute!
You hear your name. Your actual name. After a few visits, they won’t just greet you by name when you come in, but they might ask about your recent trip to Disneyland and how your 8-year-old handled the plane ride he was so anxious about.
You’re escorted to a consult room to meet with Dr. Reese. What? No treatment room? Oh, Dr. Reese wants to sit down and talk to you about your health history, what to expect during your examination, and what your concerns are. Because most dentists do that…Is he for real?!
Apparently, so! Because as you’re led to another room for your dental cleaning and exam, you pass Dr. Smith, who’s finishing up a consultation with another patient. Doesn’t look like he’s in a rush. Strange. Not trying to hurry the patient out the door? Doctors take their time here? Interesting….
Now, you’re in a private treatment room being offered a warm blanket and music to listen to during your exam. You know, to relax you. You kindly accept the blanket but opt to listen to the sounds of the birds chirping near the feeders outside the window. How peaceful!
It’s the most thorough dental exam you’ve ever had, quite frankly. Dr. Reese actually takes the time to check for gum disease and cavities, gives you an oral cancer screening, and then talks to you about how to best care for your teeth and gums so you can spend less time at the dentist.
Okay, let’s replay the highlights:
-A dentist who actually cares about you?
-A dentist who actually cares about your comfort?
-A dentist who cares about your experience and your overall health?
-A dentist who didn’t try to sell you a ton of costly procedures you didn’t want or even need?
-A dentist who treated you like a person instead of a number?
Now that is a change of scenery!
Sounds like something you could get used to, doesn’t it?
Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be something you dread for weeks as the appointment approaches. At Mountain View Dental, we care about your experience with us, we care about your health, and we want you to feel like family. Call us at (770) 429-8989 to schedule an appointment or fill out our online contact form.
Here, it’s not just a trip to a dental office. It’s a trip to your dental home. Give us a call today! We look forward to meeting you!

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