Invisalign Was This Patient’s Orthodontic Solution! [VIDEO]

Jennifer appreciates the thorough, high quality dental care she receives from our team at Mountain View Dental.
Hear Jennifer talk about her experiences with Invisalign orthodontics overseen by Dr. Smith in our Acworth dental office. Her story will help you understand why patients trust Mountain View Dental time and again!
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I did Invisalign. I started on Invisalign. For me it was something that you tend to really look at every little detail of your smile, so I had a tooth that was out of place for me. Dr. Smith looked at what was going to be the best. Was it going to be braces? Was it going to be Invisalign? Gave me different options, and then just really worked with me to come up with a plan that would work. It was so fun because I just finished up the treatment at the end of the summer, and just to see the results of it were awesome. I was very, very, very excited to have it work and look so good and just give me a renewed confidence in my smile. I’ve always been somebody that likes to smile, but I think for getting that tooth, I don’t pick apart myself in pictures anymore. It’s just nice to be able to walk around and you know that that smile has been changed and fixed and it just gives you a sense that everything looks the way you want it to look.
Dr. Smith, I have grown to adore him. He has become actually a good friend of mine and my husband’s, and we see him at the baseball field and out in the community. His son goes to the same preschool as my son does, so he’s just connected, he’s at the preschool doing things. I know that he’s connected to the community. Also he’s just always asking you about what’s going on in your personal life, playing baseball, what your kids are up to. He always remembers the little details that make you feel like you’re more than just a patient, but you’re actually like a friend and somebody that he really looks forward to seeing.
They’re going to make you feel welcomed. They’re going to take away the anxiety that could possibly come with coming to the dentist. They’re not going to treat you like you’re a number, they’re going to treat you like you are somebody that they care about. They’re going to only do the dental work that you need done, they’re not going to try to sell you all the extras, and, “Oh, we can make a little bit more money off you this way. ” They want to work with you to make sure that your health is their number one priority. If maybe there’s some cosmetic things that you’d like to get done, they’ll work with you on that too.
That’s, I think, Stephen and I came from more of a big corporation dentist office. They wanted us to continuously do all these extra things, and coming here it’s like, “No, we’re just going to clean your teeth. ” You know, and, “If you’ve got issues like a cavity or something that we need to fix, we’re going to do that. ” It just gave me a sense of confidence knowing that these doctors do care about you and they’re not trying to make a bunch of money off of you.

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