Do you have cosmetic flaws in your smile that you would like fixed? Your Acworth cosmetic dentists at Mountain View Dental offer a wide range of aesthetic solutions to help you improve your appearance! We also work closely with residents of Kennesaw, Marietta and Woodstock. Below are some of the things we hear from those patients. Please find the statement below that best fits your situation for information on how we can help you.

I want a Hollywood-perfect smile.

Have a variety of flaws that need correcting? Want to have perfect, beautiful teeth? Consider dental veneers, a cosmetic dentistry option that is a fast way to achieve a flawless smile!

I have a crooked smile.

Need orthodontic treatment? We offer Invisalign, a comfortable, convenient way to get a straight, beautiful smile!

My smile is stained or dingy.

If you don’t like the way your smile looks because of stains or darkened teeth, consider our professional teeth whitening services.

I have an overly gummy smile.

Do you show too much gum and not enough teeth? Our laser gum reshaping therapy is quick, painless, and designed to gently sculpt your gumline to achieve better cosmetic dentistry results. If you don’t feel great about your overly gummy smile, please speak with our team.

My teeth aren’t the right shape.

Are your teeth too short or even misshapen? Our Acworth, GA office offers crown lengthening and teeth contouring procedures to help you achieve the aesthetic you desire. These procedures are simple, painless, and cost effective. Talk to our team to determine if one of these is the right solution for you.

I have small imperfections I’d like to hide.

For minor imperfections, such as tiny chips or other flaws, we can use tooth bonding. We will flow in a composite material and shape it to cover or correct your imperfection. We then will harden and polish it so that it becomes a permanent part of your tooth. This is a fast, easy, and affordable way to correct minor problems.

I want a quick fix.

If you want instant results, consider a Snap-On Smile. This option is immediate, though temporary, and can be used to help you achieve a beautiful smile very quickly. Talk to our team to determine if this option is right for you.

I need a full smile makeover.

We offer full smile makeovers just for people like you here in Acworth, GA! Learn more about this option by visiting our page on smile makeovers.

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