Family Dentistry: We’ve Got Ya Covered! [Video]

As parents, we know that each child comes with his or her own unique personalities and needs.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dentist who cares about meeting the individual needs of everyone in your family?
At Mountain View Dental, we’ve got you covered! We’re celebrating Children’s Dental Health month by sharing Aly’s story.
When Aly moved her family to Georgia, she needed to find a dentist who could handle her own dental anxiety and provide a sensory-friendly atmosphere for her kids. Hear why she relies on Dr. Reese and the caring team at Mountain View Dental.
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I love this dentist because I’ve had some not so fun experiences growing up and from the moment we moved to Georgia this was the first place we went to and they always made us feel at home and worked with me with my anxiety and made it a very family-friendly environment to where I was able to bring my kids to the dentist and not pass on the same anxiety or fear.
When we were choosing a dentist we had to find one that worked with some special needs and sensory-friendly atmospheres and it has been a great experience here because we have some that are very outgoing, one that’s a little bit shy, and it’s been a great blend for our family to … It covered all of our needs and I’ve always felt safe sending my children back there without me having to go back.

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