At Mountain View Dental in Acworth, GA, we offer a variety of general dentistry services that may be able to help your current situation. Though based in Acworth, we regularly help patients in the areas of Kennesaw, Marietta, and Woodstock. Find the statement that best matches your current circumstance to learn more about how our team can help you.

I’m prone to cavities.

If you are prone to cavities, we offer dental sealants designed to keep disease- and decay-causing substances away from your teeth. This is a great way to prevent the need for major dental work in regard to decay.

I have teeth sensitivity issues.

If you have sensitive teeth, you may be experiencing enamel erosion. To prevent enamel problems, we offer fluoride treatments and varnishes. Fluoride strengthens enamel and discourages erosion. It also helps prevent cavities.

I don’t know what to feed my family for optimum oral health.

If you are not sure what to feed your family to help them maintain beautiful, healthy, happy smiles, please talk to our team. We offer nutritional counseling services to help make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your smile.

I play contact sports or grind my teeth.

Do you need to protect your or your child’s teeth from damage due to contact sports or teeth grinding/clenching? If so, please consider an Under Armour mouthguard designed by our professional dental team.

I have a dry mouth.

Do you have dry mouth? If so, give us a call and we will schedule you in for an examination. We may be able to prescribe prescription-strength products to help you.

I have bad breath.

Do you have chronic bad breath? Halitosis can be caused by a number of factors, including a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Upon examination, we may be able to prescribe a product that will help you, or we may offer additional hygiene advice. Talk to our team at Mountain View Dental in Acworth, GA to determine how we can get rid of your offensive breath for good!

I think I have gum disease.

If you are experiencing red, swollen, or bleeding gums, you may have gum disease. We offer several general dentistry in Acworth, GA for treating gum disease depending on the severity your condition. We offer deep cleaning (scaling and root planing), laser therapy, and special antibiotics (Arestin) to help combat gum disease.


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