How Sarah Got The Dental Care She Needed — Part 1

Welcome back to the ongoing blog of Mountain View Dental in Acworth, GA! For today’s blog post, we would like to change things up a bit. We want to tell you a story! This story is about a patient named Sarah. Let’s tell you about Sarah and how she used sedation dentistry to help her achieve a healthy smile.
Meet Sarah
Sarah was a 27-year-old single mom who had not been visiting the dentist on a regular basis. She worked long hours to support her family and spent much of her spare time cleaning up after her young sons. Sarah was in general happy with her life and the way she looked. She was relatively healthy and fed her family well-balanced meals with only occasional sugary snacks. Sarah had no reason to worry about the health of her teeth — she was young, active, and didn’t smoke, so what was there to worry about?
Meet Her Anxiety
Because Sarah did not seem too concerned about any possible dental health issues, she didn’t think about her dental anxiety often. Sarah had dealt with a couple of traumatic dental experiences as a child (think painful drilling and stressful, scary procedures) and developed a sense of dread about the thought of visiting another dental practice. This anxiety kept her far away from the team at Mountain View Dental Care, until one morning …
Discovering Disease
… Sarah noticed some blood on her toothbrush! While this isn’t an incredibly alarming occurrence for many people — a little bleeding is normal, isn’t it? (hint: NO!) — the sight dredged up some of Sarah’s dental anxiety. All day, the memory of that pink toothpaste lingered in the back of her mind.
The next morning (Sarah didn’t have the best hygiene habits — she sometimes only brushed once a day), she noticed the blood again. This time, she inspected her mouth. Her gums looked slightly puffy and red. Was that normal? Visiting the dentist to find out, though, was scary and something she didn’t want to do.
Seeking Help
Sarah consulted a friend for help … and that friend recommend her to Mountain View Dental! Sarah’s friend told her about the friendly atmosphere, comfortable facility, and dental sedation options that we offer. She guaranteed that Sarah would feel completely comfortable during her visits with the help of a little bit of laughing gas (nitrous oxide sedation). Eventually, Sarah agreed to give us a call and we helped her get the easy, painless gum disease treatment she needed.
And Just When She Thought She Was Safe …
After getting the treatment she needed (with the help of dental sedation) for her gum disease, Sarah returned to her life of avoiding dental care unless absolutely necessary. She lived dental-problem-free for about another year and a half. However, more issues are bound to arise when you don’t get the regular cleanings and checkups you need. Soon before her 29th birthday, Sarah noticed a mild ache in her tooth when she chewed.
Coming Soon: How Sarah Got The Care She Needed — Part 2
Stay tuned to find out what happened to Sarah after discovering some discomfort when she chewed. Does she find a happy ending? Our next post will uncover the end of the story.
Have you, like Sarah, been avoiding dental care due to fear or anxiety? You are not alone. And we can help you, too! Our dental sedation options can be catered to help you feel at home.
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