How Sarah Got The Dental Care She Needed — Part 2

Welcome back to the ongoing blog of Mountain View Dental in Acworth, GA! Today’s blog will be a continuation of our story about Sarah, the single mom who has dental anxiety. Let’s begin with a short recap of what happened to Sarah last time:
To Recap The Situation
Sarah lived a healthy, active life with her two sons and didn’t feel the need for routine dental care. She also experienced some mild dental anxiety due to a couple of traumatic dental experiences when she was a child. This combination lead to a lack of regular care and an occurrence of a very common problem: gum disease. When Sarah’s friend told her about the comfortable care she could receive here at Mountain View Dental, Sarah was able to get the help she needed and stayed completely relaxed using a gentle sedation technique called nitrous oxide.
Avoiding Dental Care
Sarah’s story picks up after she had been treated for gum disease. After her oral health was restored by the experienced professionals here at Mountain View Dental, she went back to her normal life — including the part where she did not maintain a regular dental cleaning and exam schedule. This lasted about about a year and a half before another problem cropped up.
Experiencing Pain
Once day, Sarah noticed a mild ache in one of her molars when she chewed. She did not think much of it at first, but the discomfort persisted. She then noticed swelling near the aching tooth and realized something was really wrong. Again, due to her anxiety, she avoided confronting the problem. She was afraid that she would need a major dental procedure and that the nitrous oxide sedation she had used before would not be enough to get her through it.
Doing The Research
Eventually, the pain escalated to the point that Sarah felt driven to do some research. She noted all of her symptoms and turned to the Internet for guidance. Fortunately, her favorite dental practice had all the information she needed right there on the website. Sarah’s symptoms indicated that she needed root canal therapy.
A root canal?! Isn’t that the scariest, most painful dental procedure known to man!? Sarah panicked. But she kept reading. At Mountain View Dental, root canals are simple, routine procedures made painless with anesthetics and special rotary tools. And they can also be performed under dental sedation! Sarah learned more about how the root canal process works and how oral conscious sedation could help her feel 100 percent relaxed during treatment.
Seeking Help (Part 2) and Sarah’s Happy Ending
Sarah contacted her friends at Mountain View Dental and scheduled an examination. We  confirmed that she indeed needed root canal therapy. We talked to her about how oral conscious sedation (a medication typically ingested prior to the appointment) could help her feel relaxed and even drowsy throughout the procedure. She didn’t need to worry about pain at all.
After her procedure, Sarah was able to enjoy a pain-free smile again! She even agreed to set up regular checkup appointments. Sarah now maintains a routine cleaning and exam schedule and is disease- and decay-free!
Make Your Appointment
As you may have realized, Sarah is not a real person. But we have treated many patients just like her throughout the years. We have also known patients who did not get to experience the kind of happy ending that Sarah did. These patients avoided dental care to the point that they actually lost teeth! We want to help you find your own happy ending and avoid negative situations like tooth loss. Our comfort and sedation options can help you get the care you need, too.
Are you ready to seek the dental treatment you need despite your fear or anxiety? Please contact our team directly to schedule your appointment. You can reach us by calling (770) 429-8989. You can also send us a message using our online contact form. To use the form, simply fill it out, click submit, and a member of our team will get back with you as soon as possible.
No matter which method of contact you choose, our team can help you find a convenient date and time for your visit. Don’t let a lack of dental attention ruin your good dental health. We look forward to helping you maintain a happy, healthy smile.

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