Make Your Summer Project A Smile Makeover [BLOG]

Looking for a fun summer project? We have a suggestion for you, and it’s one that won’t leave you elbow deep in sawdust, potting soil, or paint. That’s because our team of highly trained dental professionals at Mountain View Dental will handle all the hard work and heavy lifting for this one!
We’re talking about a smile makeover at our Acworth, GA dental office.
Call us today to schedule a cosmetic consultation with us, and we’ll help you figure out just the right treatment plan to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

A Smile Makeover Completely Transforms Your Smile

As with any kind of makeover, it’s not limited to one particular procedure. It involves a series of procedures that will vary depending on your individual needs, goals, and budget. These procedures could be both cosmetic and restorative in nature, and all will serve to give you a new and improved beautiful smile you’ll be happy with!
So whether your teeth are stained, chipped, cracked, or decayed, for example, our dentists will discuss all of your treatment options and decide on an appropriate order of these treatments to get your smile where you want it to be.

What A Smile Makeover Can Do For You

Once you’ve made over your smile at Mountain View Dental, you’ll understand that it’s about so much more than just an attractive appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of a smile makeover from our team.
A Smile Makeover Can Make You Look Younger
Aging is something we all face and have to learn to embrace. There are certain things that come along with aging that we can’t do anything about. But when it comes to your smile, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments that can reverse the signs of aging that show up on your teeth, all of which will help you look years younger! From teeth whitening treatments to correct the stains left behind after years of coffee drinking, to the radiance of veneers to cover up damage from injuries or accidents, you can find the procedure you need that will take years off of your appearance.
A Smile Makeover Can Boost Your Self-Esteem
We’ve all felt embarrassed about our appearance at one point or another. It’s an awful feeling! Maybe you had a disaster of an experience at your local salon and thought your hair would never recover. Or maybe you walked around all day at work you realized your zipper was open. It’s mortifying, but temporary.
The problems with your smile sure don’t feel temporary, and feeling self-conscious for so long can really take its toll on you. That’s why a smile makeover can do so much to boost your self-esteem. You can finally have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted and won’t have to walk around worried about flaws and imperfections with your teeth.
A Beautiful Smile Will Get Positive Attention
Think about the people you know, either personally or professionally, and ask yourself which of those people you most admire and respect. Chances are, the people who come to mind first are those who take pride in how they present themselves to the rest of the world. Let’s face it, when someone shows up to work looking like they just rolled out of bed, it can be difficult to attach much credibility to their ideas. If someone doesn’t look like they take themselves very seriously, why should you?
The opposite applies to that person who always looks well put together. Someone who carries themselves with confidence, who wears clean, nice clothes, and who puts forth effort in fixing their hair, for example, is much more likely to be noticed in a positive way than the person who takes little to no effort at all. A smile makeover will help you look confident, and that confidence will often translate to competence in the eyes of those around you.
Schedule A Consultation For A Smile Makeover!
When you schedule a consultation for a smile makeover with our team at Mountain View Dental, we’ll start with a thorough examination to determine what it would take to get the smile of your dreams this summer. Then, when you’re ready, we will launch this summer project, and you’ll reap all the benefits!
Give us a call today at (770) 429-8989 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment TODAY!

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