Our Patients Appreciate What They Learn About Oral Hygiene [VIDEO]

Gof appreciates the education he’s received from Dr. Reese and our knowledgeable staff at Mountain View Dental. Thanks to the care he receives when he’s in our hands, he now has the tools to maintain good oral hygiene habits at home and minimize his time in the dental chair.
Hear what else this satisfied patient has to say about why he trusts our team when he needs high quality, pain-free dental care.
You deserve an Acworth dental office who puts your comfort first. Trust your oral health to Dr. Reese, Dr. Smith, and all of us at Mountain View Dental. Give us a call today at (770) 429-8989 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

I can remember back to the young days when I was kid, you know, before all the modern technology. You literally had to be dragged there. Whether it’s just I’ve got older and got over the fear or maybe it’s just the way science has progressed … I mean, I don’t enjoy going to the dentist per se, but I don’t have any worries about coming here. I don’t think, “Oh, no. I got to go to the dentist today. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to be this, it’s going to be that.” No. I’ve got no problems whatsoever. They’ve always been really helpful. They answered any questions I might have had. The most important thing: it doesn’t hurt.
In all the time I’ve been coming here, I’ve not lost one tooth. They’ve educated me in what I should be doing. To be honest, I never used dental floss. It was something you, “Yeah, okay.” But I do it a lot more than I ever used to, so they educate in such a way that I take it on board and I do it. I think that goes towards when I don’t necessarily need a great deal of dental work done apart from the regular checkups and stuff like that. When you get here, the actual surroundings, you just look around, it’s very relaxed. It’s very unassuming. You can sit down, you can relax.
You’re looking at fields, you’re looking at trees. Sometimes when you’re sitting in the chair, you’ll see a deer out in the back and there’s birds feeding. All of that to me, helps you relax. Then the manner of the people here that work here. They relax you as well. Like I said before, no one enjoys the dentist. All I can say, here they do everything they can possibly do to make you feel safe, respected and what’s more, like I said, no pain whatsoever.

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