Solve Your Denture Dilemma [BLOG]

If you’re a denture wearer who has ever wished there was a better tooth replacement option out there, our team at Mountain View Dental wants to encourage you to give yourself an early Christmas present.
We realize that you’ve barely had time to welcome the new fall season, but it really is the perfect time to start thinking about securing your dentures with dental implants. By getting a head start on the process now, you could have an entirely different holiday experience… one that is far more enjoyable than you’re probably used to after years of wearing loose fitting dentures.
Our Acworth, GA dental office houses the latest in advanced technology and the experienced professionals you need for the kind of replacement teeth that can vastly improve your quality of life in time for the new year and for many new years to come!
In today’s blog, we want to talk to you about the dilemma you face with traditional dentures and how we can offer you a more stable tooth replacement option for a better smile and better health.

The Denture Dilemma

Until fairly recently, missing one or two teeth could’ve been remedied with dental crowns and bridges. This is still the case, in fact. But that’s not a viable solution for someone who needs to replace several teeth or a full set of upper or lower teeth. Removable dentures have been the only option for a long time.
What’s wrong with that? Several things, actually. It’s not that traditional dentures have no value. They get the job done in terms of giving you a complete smile and allowing you to maintain some level of normalcy that tooth loss robs of you. In fact, we offer removable dentures to patients who feel that’s the right option for them. We work to fit your dentures nicely to give you a beautiful, complete smile. 
But traditional dentures on their own can’t give you the same quality of life that dental implants can. Here are a couple of reasons for that:

Removable Dentures Lack Stability

As we said, dentures aren’t without value. But they also aren’t without their limitations.
For one thing, traditional dentures lack stability. You can’t rely on dentures to stay put no matter what kind of adhesive you use to keep them in place. That’s because they only rest on the gumline and can often shift around when you speak, laugh, and eat. Putting your gums under that kind of pressure day in and day out can be a recipe for disaster.
As a result, you have to modify your lifestyle accordingly so that you aren’t caught in an embarrassing situation where your dentures slip, or worse, come completely loose at the worst possible time.
There’s also the issue of the pain and discomfort you can sometimes experience with this form of tooth replacement. The soft gum tissues in your mouth can easily become irritated and inflamed under the constant weight of traditional dentures. 

Removable Dentures Limit Your Food Choices

To avoid awkward moments at social gatherings, you’re going to make concessions about what you put on your plate. Think about all the delicious food you’ll have to pass up again this holiday season just because you’re plagued with anxiety about your dentures staying in place while you eat!
Not only do removable dentures limit your enjoyment of certain foods, but it can force you to become nutritionally deficient because of the restrictions you have to put on yourself when it comes to your dietary choices. You can’t achieve optimum health if all you can safely eat are soft foods.

You Can Have Secure Dentures Thanks To Dental Implants

Let’s go back to the beginning. Have you ever dreamed of being able to enjoy the same quality of life you had back when you still had all your natural teeth? Well, you can have that again with help from dental implants.
You can opt for more secure, better fitting, longer lasting dentures that have been anchored with dental implants. In our Acworth dental office, you can choose implant-retained dentures so that you can go back to eating the healthy foods you love and enjoying the upcoming holiday season without fear that your dentures will slip while you’re talking and laughing with loved ones.

Get Started At Mountain View Dental!

You don’t have to get cracking on that holiday shopping list just yet, but you should schedule a consultation with us to get started on your journey toward a healthier, stronger set of replacement teeth if you want them in time to enjoy the fast approaching holiday season for the first time in a long time!
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