Our Team Got To The Root Of This Patient’s Dental Problem [VIDEO]

Today’s blog comes to you from Terry and his wife, Georgia. In this video, Terry talks about Georgia’s years of struggling with a dental problem that no other dentist could fix.
That is, until they came to Dr. Reese and our team of specialists at Mountain View Dental. Hear more about all the reasons our Acworth, GA dental office has earned the respect and confidence of this lovely couple!
Trust your dental problems to our team at Mountain View Dental. Call us today at (770) 429-8989 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. 

Male: She has had a problem that’s gone on for about thirty years. She had a car accident and it was resolved not well. This kind of lingered on for years and years and years, she always had a problem. She’s had other people take a poke at it but now we’ve finally got to the root of the problem. That’s not a pun. We’ve got to the root of the problem and Dr. Reese in concert with Dr. Diab zeroed in on her problem, and she’s in process now to get this thing fully resolved. It looks like everything is working well. Everything they have tried to do thus far has been 100% successful and it looks like we’re coming to a glorious end here soon.
He does a good job. He evaluates what you need, tells you, explains things to you, and he’s very methodical. I like that, from an engineering background, I like somebody that’s a technician. Not only is he socially adept, he’s an excellent technician. I think when we first came here we had some dental problems that weren’t the run of the mill and he’s diagnosed them, worked with others, and got us back on a healthy track here.
Female: When I’ve talked to my friends about who to go to for a dentist, they all look at it cost-based. In our situation, we don’t have dental insurance, but I consider an investment in my mouth a once in a lifetime expense. Despite their concerns on Dr. Reese being more expensive than other dentists, I’m with the opinion you only do this once, you get the best, and it’s over and done with.

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