The Benefits Of A Straight Smile

Welcome to the ongoing blog of Mountain View Dental! Here at our Acworth, GA dental office, we offer a comfortable and convenient orthodontic option called Invisalign. Many patients enjoy the ability to straighten their smiles without metal brackets or wires and in about half the time of traditional braces! Invisalign is a great option for busy students, hardworking adults, and everyone in between because it is both discreet and effective.
But why should you care about having a straight smile at all? Tons of people live their entire lives with mildly crooked teeth and they do just fine! While that is completely true, our team understands the benefits of having a straight, beautiful smile and the advantages it can offer you in life. Below we have listed some of these great benefits and how they can affect you. Please feel free to discuss any of the perks with our team when determining whether or not orthodontic care is right for you.
Benefit #1: You will feel great about the way you look.
The first and probably most obvious benefit to having a straight smile is the aesthetic advantage! This is probably the number one reason that most people want braces … so that they can look great! A straight smile can do a lot for someone’s appearance. Balanced teeth even mean a more aesthetic facial appearance when the teeth are not showing. Having your teeth properly aligned will allow you to smile with pride as well as look your best overall! If you want to feel great about your personal appearance, consider Invisalign orthodontic treatment.
Benefit #2: Your oral health will be improved.
In addition to looking your best, a straight smile can also help you maintain a healthier mouth! When you have crooked teeth, bacteria and other disease- and decay-causing substances have TONS of places to hide in your smile! You simply cannot reach every nook and cranny with your toothbrush. Flossing is made nearly impossible by crowded teeth. This means an increased risk for gum disease as well as cavities and possibly larger areas of decay.
Crowding is not the only orthodontic problem that can really affect your oral health. Gaps also increase your risk for problems. Alignment problems that cause gaps can lead to teeth shifting out of their proper place. Improperly aligned teeth can also lead to bite problems, causing teeth to unnecessarily wear down in certain places.
Having a straight, beautiful smile also means having a smile that is easy to clean and that doesn’t create any other damaging issues.
Benefit #3: You will experience a confidence boost and an increased chance of success!
By feeling great about the way your smile looks and knowing that you also have your oral health under control, you will experience a definite confidence boost from having a straight smile. Did you know that confidence and a great smile are key to leaving a lasting positive first impression? By correcting your crooked smile, you can increase your chances of success in all areas of your life. If your career or even your love life is lacking, consider orthodontic care. A smile boost will give you the confidence you need to meet all of your goals!
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