Tooth Extraction

No one ever wishes to be in a painful situation due to a damaged or broken tooth!
At Mountain View Dental, we offer our clients compassionate care, ensuring the right solution for you whether it be a filling, crown, or another appropriate treatment.
If you have a damaged tooth, or if one of your child’s primary teeth is preventing the normal eruption of a permanent tooth, our dental professionals can remove the tooth via tooth extraction. Aside from protecting the remaining teeth, tooth extraction will allow the growth and optimum development of your child’s permanent teeth. 
Depending on the age of the child, or if the care is for an adult, providing a mild anaesthetic is the first step to ensure your comfort during the entire tooth extraction procedure.
At Mountain View Dental, we always want to keep all of Kennesaw’s oral health in good shape. We will clean your teeth on a regular basis, discuss with you healthy diet alternatives to protect your teeth, and treat possible gum disease, cavities, and infections as they arise.
While we strive to prevent the removal of a tooth whenever possible, some conditions make tooth extraction the most effective solution in bringing back your smile to good health and function.
After the tooth extraction, we will determine if tooth replacement is necessary for you. If this is the case, we are happy to provide you with several tooth replacement treatments to best fit your particular case.

If you are in doubt about whether you have to undergo tooth extraction, here is a list of conditions that may require this procedure:

  • A significant portion of the tooth including the supporting bone structure has been destroyed due to severe infection.
  • The occurrence of serious decay that has brought damage to a tooth or teeth beyond repair where successful restoration is already impossible.
  • The growth of too many teeth that fit improperly in the mouth which we refer to as “crowding.”
  • Your child’s teeth don’t fall out in time to allow the eruption or growth of permanent teeth.

All our dental work at Mountain View Dental is infused with excellent care and skill when performing any tooth extraction. We ensure your overall safety, comfort, and painless dental experience. We will also make sure that you receive utmost care and guidance after the procedure so you can properly heal and recover until the time your smile is back in full grin!

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