Treat Your TMJ To Make Tomorrow Better Than Today

TMJ disorders are no fun for anyone.
That’s why we offer TMJ treatment at Mountain View Dental. TMJ issues affect many people, but TMJ disorders (or TMD) actually can interfere with your ability to work or enjoy time spent with your family and friends.
Our dentists have been helping patients in and around Acworth, GA, alleviate their TMJ symptoms for years. We would be happy to help you or someone you know, too.
The first step is scheduling a consultation at our office. Call (770) 429-8989 or contact us online to make your appointment.
Signs That You May Have A TMJ Disorder
The TMJ in TMJ disorder stands for temporomandibular joint. You have two of these joints on either side of your face. You can feel them just below your ears.
These are the joints that allow you to open and close your jaw. We think that makes them pretty important.
Many people will experience TMJ problems at various points in their lives. People with TMJ disorders have chronic problems with one or both of these joints, however.
Some symptoms of TMJ disorders are not as obvious as you might think, however. Here are signs that you may have a TMD:
◼︎ Frequent jaw pain
◼︎ Trouble opening or closing your jaw
◼︎ Popping or clicking sounds when you open or close your jaw
◼︎ Feeling like your jaw is stuck temporarily
◼︎ Pain while eating or after eating
◼︎ Frequent headaches, including migraines
◼︎ Frequent earaches
◼︎ Facial, neck, and upper back pains
TMJ problems affect different people in different ways. If you experience one or more of these problems on a regular basis, please make an appointment with our dentists at Mountain View Dental.
If you are having TMJ issues, we want to help as soon as we can.
How You Can Treat Your TMJ Disorder
Treating TMJ disorders starts by identifying the cause of your problem. Unfortunately, TMJ issues can arise from a variety of causes. In many cases, more than one cause contributes to the problem.
Teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) is a common cause. Arthritis, injuries, infections, and illnesses may play a role as well.
Many people will seek to treat their TMJ disorder (even if they don’t realize they have one) by trying to alleviate their symptoms.
Over-the-counter pain medicine can provide temporary relief. Eating softer foods can reduce jaw pain. Ice packs can reduce swelling, and warm heat can improve jaw mobility. If these steps take care of the problem, then there may not be anything more to do.
If the symptoms return or continue in spite of these home treatments, then you should schedule a visit with our dentists in Acworth, GA.
We will examine your mouth for signs of teeth grinding. If we see the worn enamel, we can take your treatment to the next level.
How Dentists Can Help With TMJ Disorders
As noted above, we look for evidence that you clench or grind your teeth together.
If you are thinking, “I don’t grind my teeth,” that would not surprise us. Many people are unaware that they do this, much less when it happens.
Millions of people grinding and clench their teeth together while they sleep. This also explains why millions of people frequently wake up with headaches, earaches, and jaw pains.
From a dental standpoint, grinding is bad because it wears down the protective enamel of your teeth. This can leave your teeth more vulnerable to the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It also can increase your sensitivity to hot and cold by exposing the inner layers of your teeth.
As far your jaw is concerned, clenching and grinding put significant stress on your TMJ and the surrounding tissues. An average healthy human bite creates 200 to 250 pounds of pressure. Researchers have found that people who grind their teeth can generate 500 pounds of pressure or more.
That’s a lot of added stress.
Mountain View Dental can help alleviate that stress and stain with a custom-designed oral appliance for you. This mouthguard protects your teeth from the effects of grinding by keeping them separated.
The mouthguard also trains your jaw to rest in a different position. With time, this will relieve some of the pressure on your TMJ, and it can reduce the symptoms of this condition as well.
Don’t Let TMJ Ruin Another Day
A TMJ disorder can affect you anytime. You may be able to end this problem with the help of our dentists in Acworth, GA.
Make an appointment by contacting us online or by calling (770) 429-8989.

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