Achieve Balance For Your Smile [BLOG]

Do you start slowly walking backwards when your friends start huddling up for group selfie? Do you have to remind yourself every time you’re forced to smile for a picture to keep your lips tightly pressed together so your teeth don’t show?
A gummy smile can make you feel embarrassed to be part of the selfie game. You may have perfectly white, nicely shaped teeth, but if too much of your gums show when you smile, your teeth are overshadowed. This can have you feeling isolated and left out any time someone says, “Quick, everybody! Let’s get a pic together!”
Dr. Reese and all of us at Mountain View Dental want you to know you don’t have to sit on the sidelines in situations like this. With our laser gum reshaping therapy, you can have the beautifully balanced smile you’ve always wanted and the confidence you need to be center stage for the next photo op!

How Do You Know You Have A Gummy Smile?

When we talk about a gummy smile, we’re referring to a smile where the gums get all the attention. Your teeth are supposed to be the focal point of your smile. Nice, straight teeth that are adequately proportioned.
But with a gummy smile, it’s really the gums you notice more than anything. Even if you see just as much teeth as you do gums, your smile is still out of balance because as we said, your teeth are supposed to be the star.
Everyone’s balance of teeth-to-gums is going to be different. All that matters is what you see when you smile and if you feel confident about it.

What Causes A Gummy Smile?

There could be a couple of things going on if you have a gummy smile.
You might, for example, have excess gum tissue. Your gums could be larger than they should be enough to where they affect how your lips look when you smile. Excess gum tissue could make your lips part a certain way that have them hiding your teeth.
Or the extra gum tissue itself could be growing over a larger portion of your teeth than they should. Either way, it’s going to make your teeth seem shorter or smaller than they are.
Or you might actually have smaller or shorter teeth. This means that you have a normal amount of gum tissue, but your teeth aren’t long enough to take center stage of your smile.
Gum reshaping can adjust your gumline to the point where you have a more balanced smile, where your teeth get all the attention they deserve.

Laser Gum Reshaping Therapy Can Help!

Dental procedures have come a long way in the last few decades. Years ago, a gummy smile would have to be corrected surgically using a scalpel. Sounds fun, right?
Fortunately, Dr. Reese and Dr. Smith are able to forego any cutting or stitching thanks to their laser technology at Mountain View Dental. This has completely changed the procedure of gum reshaping therapy and the healing required.
The laser is able to adjust your gumline without any cutting, so bleeding is reduced. Your gums will also seal naturally with the laser treatment, so no stitching is necessary. This dramatically reduces the time it used to take for patients to heal after gum reshaping!

Are You Ready To Have A Selfie-Worthy Smile?

With all the opportunities to be social this summer, whether it’s for a friend’s wedding, a class reunion, a vacation, or your neighborhood barbecue, there are going to be tons of chances for you to huddle in for a group picture.
Are you ready to step into the huddle? Are you ready to have a beautiful smile you can feel confident about showing off and sharing on social media? Then you need to call our Acworth, GA dental office today at (770) 429-8989 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.
Life is all about balance, and our team at Mountain View Dental can offer you talented professionals and advanced technology to help you achieve that. Call us TODAY to have the balanced smile you’ve always wanted!

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