Comfortable Crowns At Mountain View Dental [Video]

You deserve a dentist who cares about providing you with top quality work to suit your comfort level, your schedule, and your budget
At Mountain View Dental, we do all we can to provide you with all three! Our patient, Susan, can tell you more about our convenient, comfortable care.  
Susan trusted our experienced team of professionals when she needed a new crown. Hear what makes Mountain View Dental the right choice for her dental needs.
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I had had crowns before, so I knew what to expect. They handled it very professionally. They were able to put the crown in without me having to hold my mouth open for a long time. They have a device that lets your jaw rest so that you’re not constantly leaving your mouth wide open. There is an apparatus they can use to keep it from dragging down on you, if you know what I mean.
They had to remove some old ones. They just weren’t set properly. The experience wasn’t anything that you, as a normal person, can’t handle. If you can’t, they have other alternatives. A warming blanket, and if you need something to … The smell, they have something that can be sprayed in the room so you don’t smell your tooth getting ground away. It’s a little different, but yes, they’re good. It wasn’t that bad.
Number one, it’s easy to get to. Number two, ease of getting an appointment. They can get you an appointment if you need it immediately. They take insurance. A lot of places don’t, and they will file it immediately for you. If the insurance doesn’t pay it all, they do have other alternatives to work around your budget, to get the payments in to them.

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