Dental Emergencies: Quality Care In A Hurry [Video]

When you have a dental emergency, you need a dentist who will be there to give you top quality care in a hurry. That’s what we want to provide our patients at Mountain View Dental in Acworth, GA.
Hear what our patient, Scott, has to say about the care he received from Dr. Smith and the rest of our experienced team of professionals when he accidentally shattered a tooth and needed a root canal.
Trust Mountain View Dental when you or someone in your family has a dental emergency. Call (770) 429-8989 when you need us!

I was at the gas station. I fell back, and the gas nozzle came out of the car, and it hit me in the face, and it shattered this one tooth. I have a flipper in right now until I get my permanent crown in January. I drove up here, and of course, the staff saw me bleeding. They immediately walked me back to a chair and sat me down. Dr. Smith was the first one to come in. He looked at it, and that’s when Dr. Reese came over. They talked about what needed to happen. He said, “Well, unfortunately, your tooth is in about 10 pieces, so it’s not salvageable. ” He did the root canal right there. Pulled it, put the implant in, and then it was the healing process from that point. I have this cosmetic tooth in there until the one.
It made me feel secure that they were confident in what they were doing. They knew exactly what needed to be done and gave me a choice and said, “Here’s what could happen, but considering this is the front of your smile, you might want to consider doing it the best way. ” I trusted their judgement. So far it’s turned out pretty good. I’ll continue trusting their judgement.

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