Proper Prep For Your Oral Surgery At Mountain View Dental

When you need oral surgery, you deserve a dental office that comes equipped with the knowledgeable staff and advanced technology to meet your needs safely, effectively, and conveniently.
Many dental offices have to refer patients out to other specialists. We don’t think you should have to do that. That’s why you should trust your oral surgery to our highly trained team of professionals at Mountain View Dental in Acworth, GA.
Give us a call today at (770) 429-8989 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reese or Dr. Smith. We’re ready to help you get the treatment you need.
Why Would You Need Oral Surgery?
One of the first indications you might need oral surgery is pain. You might experience the following symptoms:
-Intense pain around a particular tooth or your jawline
-Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks
-Visible abnormalities such as red, swollen gums 
-Pain or discomfort when biting down on certain foods
Typically, these indicate problems like an infected or abscessed tooth, an infection in the soft tissues leading to the root or nerve of your tooth, or it might mean your wisdom teeth are coming in. At Mountain View Dental, we can usually perform tooth extractions in-house quickly and painlessly.
If you’re missing a tooth or several teeth, you might consider dental implants. Our own Dr. Smith is a highly trained technician who can place your dental implants and restore the natural look and functionality of your teeth.
Prep For Pre-Op

  1. Talk To Our Dentists

Dr. Reese or Dr. Smith will sit down with you and discuss your treatment plan, such as why your oral surgery is needed and what will happen during the procedure. They can also address any questions or concerns you may have about the process.

  1. Ask About Our Sedation Options

If you are particularly fearful, our dentists can talk to you about our sedation options such as nitrous oxide or oral sedation. Our caring staff will do all we can to make sure you are as relaxed as possible while you receive treatment. Be sure to ask us about our other comfort options to help ease your mind and keep you calm during your procedure.

  1. Arrange Transportation

We always recommend that you arrange to have someone drive you to and from your appointment. You may be okay to drive after your procedure, but the truth is that everyone responds differently to sedation techniques, so it’s best to err on the side of caution.
If you can’t arrange for someone to drive you, be sure to talk to Dr. Reese and Dr. Smith about providing you the space and time you need after your surgery to make sure your anesthetic has worn off and that it’s safe for your to drive yourself home.

  1. Prepare Your Home For A Comfortable Recovery

Make sure you have easy access to drinks and medication. Create an atmosphere where you can stay relaxed for a couple of days after your surgery.
Have ice packs or bags of frozen vegetables readily available to help ease any swelling you may have after your procedure. Make sure to stock plenty of books, magazines, and movies to help keep you entertained while you recover.

  1. Follow The Dentist’s Instructions

Depending on your treatment plan and type of oral surgery, you will probably need to avoid eating or drinking anything, save for water if you have to take any pre-op medication, for up to 24 hours before your surgery. Be sure to ask Dr. Reese or Dr. Smith what your particular surgery requires.
Post-Op Pointers
-Allow yourself time to recover and take it easy for a couple of days.
-Take any medications the doctor prescribes as directed. Be sure to call us if you have any questions!
-Eat soft foods until directed otherwise by the dentist.
-Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol in the days after your surgery to ensure optimal healing.
-Use caution when brushing and flossing in the days after your surgery, being careful to avoid direct contact with the surgical area. Ask us for instructions on keeping your mouth properly cleaned after your procedure.
Call our caring team at Mountain View Dental at (770) 429-8989 to schedule your next oral surgery or use online form. Happy healing!

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