Do you have damaged or missing teeth? Is your smile in need of repair? We can help! Our team offers a wide variety of restorative dentistry solutions designed to repair your smile and help get you back to a normal life. Below we have answered some of the most common questions we hear regarding our restorative procedures and how they can help you. Please feel free to contact our team in Acworth, GA if you have any additional concerns. We’d be happy to help!

I have a damaged tooth. How can you help?

Do you have minor or major damage to your tooth? No problem. We offer three different restorative dentistry solutions designed to repair structural damage and restore the health of your tooth. For the heaviest damage, we may recommend a dental crown. Crowns essentially cap the tooth to restore its function. For more minor instances of damage, an inlay or onlay may be recommended. These restorative dentistry services cover only a portion of the tooth, not the whole visible part like a crown does.

What is the best tooth replacement option available?

The best restorative dentistry option for you depends on your specific needs. However, for most cases, we recommend dental implants. Dental implants are secure, reliable, and authentic. They look completely real in your mouth! For more information, please visit our page on dental implants.

If dental implants are not right for you for any reason, we do offer fixed bridges as well as removable dentures. Talk to our team in Acworth, GA to determine which of these effective restorative dentistry options would be best for your specific situation.

I think I have a dental infection. What should I do?

If you have a dental infection, you may need a root canal. Learn more about this painless procedure by visiting our page on root canal therapy.

What type of tooth fillings do you offer?

We use tooth-colored composite fillings that blend right in with your smile! Learn more by visiting our page on fillings.

How can veneers be used a restorative service?

Veneers can be used to cover and repair chips, cracks, and similar issues. Learn all about dental veneers by visiting our individual service page.


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