Which Tooth Replacement Option Is Best For You? [BLOG]

Losing a tooth can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. It’s not some cruel twist of fate reserved just for the elderly, nor is it something that only affects small children in order to keep the Tooth Fairy in business. If you’re an adult who’s lost a tooth, you know this all too well.
Whether you lost a tooth because of an athletic injury, a car accident, or an oral health problem like gum disease or tooth decay, the fact is you now have something about your smile you hate. It can be embarrassing, it can affect the food choices you make, and quite frankly, it’s bad for your health.
If you are missing a tooth and want to know what your replacement options are, call Mountain View Dental in Acworth, GA to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reese or Dr. Smith. We can help you determine the treatment that’s right for you.

Why You Should Replace A Lost Tooth

As an adult, you know that problems don’t go away on their own. In fact, simply ignoring a problem and hoping it will eventually go away will oftentimes just make the problem worse. Missing a tooth is no exception to this truth. Today, we’re sharing a few of the reasons why you need to consider replacing a missing tooth:
-You’re embarrassed about smiling, talking, or laughing in front of people.
-You avoid nutrient-rich foods because some of them are hard for you to eat.
-You experience pain or discomfort when eating certain foods.
-You have a hard time speaking clearly as a result of your missing teeth.
-Your other teeth have become loose or have shifted out of their proper position.
You can avoid these potential problems by coming to our Acworth office for a dental restoration. Our highly skilled team can replace your tooth so you can smile, laugh, eat, and speak with confidence.

For A Lost Tooth, You Have Two Restorative Options

If you lose a tooth as an adult, you don’t have the luxury of just waiting for a new one to sprout in its place. You would replace it with one of two restorative treatments:

  1. A dental bridge is used in conjunction with a dental crown, which is a tooth-shaped replacement that fills the gap where your tooth once was. The dental bridge is anchored on both sides of the crown and is a great replacement option.
  2. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that attaches to your jawbone and is covered with a restoration, usually a dental crown. These are a durable, long-lasting replacement solution.

Which Is Better: Dental Implant Or Dental Bridge?

So which tooth replacement option is best for you: a dental implant or a dental bridge? The only way to know for sure is to schedule an appointment with our team at Mountain View Dental. But here are some of the main reasons that dental implants tend to the be the best choice in modern tooth replacement:
They Look And Function Like A Natural Tooth

While a dental bridge built in conjunction with a crown is a natural-looking option, a dental implant actually fuses to your own jawbone. So it allows you to regain close to the same bite force you used to have. It’s the strongest among dental restorations. You also maintain a dental implant just like you do your natural teeth, which makes good oral hygiene much easier. 
They Promote A Healthier Jawbone
When you lose a tooth and don’t replace it, there is no longer a root in place to engage your jawbone in any kind of bite stimulation. As a result, your bone will start to deteriorate. Over time, this will weaken your other teeth and cause them to shift, loosen, or worse, fall out entirely. Because an implant acts like your natural root, this bone deterioration can be avoided. A dental bridge, however, doesn’t allow for any root stability or jawbone stimulation whatsoever.
They Will Last For Years And Years
While a dental bridge will cost less than a dental implant initially, there’s something to be said for the longevity of a dental implant.
Because a dental implant could last you the rest of your life, you could be saving a great deal of time and money because a bridge might last only ten years or less before you’d have to replace it.
As we mentioned earlier, only your dentist can properly evaluate your particular restorative needs and help you decide on the best course of action for you. To find out if your missing tooth needs an implant or just a bridge, give us a call today at (770) 429-8989 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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