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Overcoming Your Dental Anxiety With The Help Of Your Dentist

A negative experience with a dentist can follow you from childhood into adulthood and place the health and beauty of your smile in jeopardy. Dr. …

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Are You Ready For Your Smile Makeover? [quiz]

A smile makeover is way to create a new and improved smile just for you. At Mountain View Dental, we can combine cosmetic and restorative …

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Learn The Truth About Root Canal Treatments

Dental anxiety is real. It doesn’t affect everyone, and it doesn’t affect everyone the same way. But we have learned that two words — root canal …

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The Best Teeth Replacement Option: Dental Implants

Dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures are really only partial teeth replacements. For the whole picture, you really need dental implants, too. Dental implants are …

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